Jumping Your Car Is Easier Than You Might Think

Most people will agree that jump-starting their car is an inconvenience. But many people don’t know that it can also be dangerous. 

Because all vehicle batteries contain sulfuric acid and produce hydrogen and oxygen gases, improperly jump-starting a vehicle may cause the battery to explode. This could result in battery fragments and acid being sent through the air, causing injury and possible blindness. We should all be aware of how to safely jump-start our car’s battery. Keep these tips in mind when getting your vehicle back on the road.

- Read through your vehicle’s manual and become familiar with the basic mechanics of your vehicle. Buy only a battery that is recommended in your manual.

- Carry an emergency jump-start kit in your car. The kit should include splash-proof safety goggles, jumper cables, a flashlight, and jump-start instructions.

- Always wear a pair of splash-proof polycarbonate goggles that are certified for such work as automotive repair.

- Never smoke or use open flames when working on a battery. 

- Check your battery for damage such as cracks, corrosive materials, and loose wires as often as you have your oil changed.

- Make sure you have a pair of jumper cables that are rust and corrosion free and have no exposed wires. Never use electrical tape to cover exposed wires.

- Never throw an automobile battery in a garbage dumpster or leave it in a parking lot, especially if it is cracked or damaged. Take it to a service station and have it disposed of properly.

- Never jump-start your battery if your car’s fluids are frozen.

- Always call a professional, such as a mechanic or AAA, if you think there might be trouble you can’t handle, or you can’t remember how to jump-start a vehicle.

If you are faced with an emergency in which a battery has exploded, be prepared. Most people panic initially, but every second counts. The first thing the injured motorist should do is flush the eye with the first “drinkable” liquid they find: water, milk, juice, or a soft drink. The longer the acid remains in the eye, the greater the chances of serious injury or blindness, so the sooner the acid is flushed out the better. Medical attention should be sought immediately.

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