Rules for Using Email for Correspondence

Email may seem simple and carefree, but there are etiquette rules for email. Keep these tips in mind next time you sit down to send off some email. 
Don’t use all capitals. In the world of email, using all capitals is akin to shouting out your message. Also, avoid using abbreviations like LOL when you are writing business correspondence or to someone with whom you are not familiar. 

Since email is associated with speedy communication, it is tempting to be as to the point as possible. But in email, this can come across as curt and rude. Especially for business communication, use a salutation and closing line, as in a proper business letter. 

Also, don’t say anything in an email that you would not allow to be shared with others—chances are it might be! If you have something to say that is private or confidential, consider the tried and true methods of phoning or writing a hard copy. While even this can be copied and shared, it is more difficult to widely disseminate your text.

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